250.00 DKK
76.21 Setup Fee
Rack Hosting unite
250 DKK / month / UNIT

Rack Hosting

Rent a rack in our data centers and give your IT equipment a 5-star experience.

With rack hosting, you do not even have to clean up the necessary framework for your IT equipment. You will have the opportunity to move into a top-level server room with all the practical and security measures needed for your operation.

Redundant UPS, generator, redundant fiber lines, 24/7 monitoring, access control, redundant keel, argonite fire extinguisher and much more that you not only need to invest in, you also have to maintain.

A safe and secure choice
When you place one or more rack cabinets in Mentor IT data centers, you get the same favorable security measures as the ones we draw on ourselves.

Our cameras keep an eye on 24/7, there is access control with both card and code and all cabinets are locked.

To this end, we are always in the highest alert and ready for potential threats, such as fire, water, power failure and its equal.

**Call for specifications